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Platform Racing 2

If you're reading this, you are probably new to the Platform Racing series. Welcome to Platform Racing 2! This site, along with the Pr2 community, is more than happy to have you! Platform Racing 2 may just seem like a game to a new player, but as you age as a player you will see it in a completely different way, for this is a game of sheer fun. This guide is merely to help you get started. Happy reading, and I hope you learn from this!

Your Account Tab

There are several things you can manage on your account. Let's start by going to the account panel, which is one of the four tabs to the top left.

This is what you will see on the top of your account panel.
Your rank is your level of racing, which I will explain in greater detail later.
Your hats all have fun and unique "powers" that will also be explained later.                                                                                                         Here, you also have to ability to change your password and set a recovery email.

Next you should see a picture of your Platform Racing character. See the little arrows? Click them and you can customize your character. The boxes on the right side of the arrows are the color-picking boxes. Be unique!

The third section has your racing stats!
You start with 150 "spendable" points. As you race and level up (see next section) you will earn more points to spend. For now, you should balance your stats, but as you progress in the game, you might want to experiment with different stats that aren't so balanced.

Racing and Leveling Up

Now, here comes the fun part!

Above is a picture of a level. The title of the level is at the top, in this case Newbieland 2, and the creator, Jiggmin, is below. Below that are the entry slots. To start racing, click on one of the four slots that doesn't already have a name in it. The four slots represent the four players that are racing in the same match. When you are ready to race, just click Play. If you are going to race with someone else, they must also click play before the race starts. I suggest racing alone on each Campaign track before attempting to race with others. 

Above is what's called a full race. The maximum number of players has joined the race, and exp and a prize is given to the winner.

When the race is over, you should see your exp bar fill up. If it fills up all the way, congratulations! You've leveled up! When you level up, you are given a point to spend on speed, acceleration, or jumping. Now, leveling up gets harder as your rank increases, so good luck reaching the higher levels!

Other Features

In Platform Racing 2, you also have (besides racing and editing your account, that is) a chat, a PM inbox (PM = Private Message), a level editor, a players chart (to see who's online, where your buddies are, controlling your ignore list), and a bunch of other great things. Explore around, and have fun!

User Types

In Platform Racing 2, there are 3 types of players: administrators, moderators, and ordinary members.

First and foremost, an admin is a special user that was hand-picked by Jiggmin (the creator of PR2), that can ban and unban users, make moderators, un-publish levels, demod users, and go into the secret admin/mod chat. They keep everything running smoothly.

Moderators are users with a ban button and a blue name; they can ban members for as little as one minute to as long as 5.6 years. They can also un-publish levels and go into the mod chat room. They are hand-picked by admins, meaning that the admins truly entrust them with their power.                                               

Members are the ordinary racers in Platform Racing 2. Their job is to abide by the Three Commandments (see terminology), race, publish levels, chat, and keep the PR2 community alive and running.




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