Welcome to the Guides Tab! Here you will find some general Platform Racing 2-related Q&A. You will also be provided with some links to guides.

First off, we'll have a little Q&A:

Q: My account has been stolen / I have forgotten my account password! What can I do to get my account back!?

A: If your account has been stolen, hacked, or you have forgotten your password, you can reset your password. This, however, can only be one if you registered an email recovery account with your account. If you have not done this, you can email Jiggmin at contact@jiggmin.com and ope he responds. If you have, just go to Pr2, go to where you log in, and click "Forgot Your Password?".

Q: How can I become a mod?

A: There is no exacting list of what you have to do to be a mod, but magic helps. Mods Are Good In Chat.

Q: What is Simming?

A: Simming is the use of four account racing each other and letting one win all the time in an attempt to get EXP.

Q: How do I get a Crown Hat?

A: To get a crown, you must download and run F@H.

Q: What is F@H?

A: F@H, or Folding @ Home, is a distributed computing project designed to help research and cure diseases caused by protein mis-folding. Jiggmin has integrated F@H into his game. You can download F@H here

Q: How do I set up my folding?

A: Once you download F@H, open up the program. Right click the icon your taskbar and go to Configure. A window should pop up. In that window, enter your Pr2 username in the username section and 143016 in the Team Number section. Click Ok, and just let the program run.

Q: When do I get the crown?

A: You get the crown when you get 5,000 F@H points.

Alright, now for the links section.

Kongregate "Ask A Moderator" Thread - A thread in the Kongregate Pr2 section with some common question asked and answered.

Useful Pr2 Threads - A thread in the Kongregate Pr2 section giving links to helpful threads.

[Guide] Platform Racing 2 - a Helpful thread going over stuff in Pr2. 

AmbientFiction's FAH Install guide - A somewhat-complicated way of installing F@H.

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