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 1. Do not advertise any other sites.

 2. No sexual content in conversations is allowed.

 3. Be happy with your position, whether it be member, mod, or owner. Do not argue over this.

 4. Don't ask to be a mod. If one of the owners think you should be a mod, they will ask you if you want to be one.

 5. Don't post any links containing inappropriate content, and no rickroll sites, please.

 6. Respect everyone.

 7. Don't threaten to leave. If you don't like something here, just leave.

 8. Please use common sense. You should know what's acceptable  and what's not.

Rules established by your main owners and carried out by moderators.
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 Special thanks to BCF1432 for editing the site. If you'd like to contact him, PM BCF1432 on Pr2 or contact YassenG on Kongregate. He'll gladly answer any questions and help you with anything you need.

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