This general help Q&A:

What happens if my account gets stolen:

if ur account gets stolen u can have the password sent to ur email adress if u didnt put in an email adress then  u (dont ask me how to find him) u can also try to hack urs back which is a process i do not recomend

How can i be a mod:  dont have a "formal" list of *magic points* but i will tell you what it does take.
1. KNOW THE RULES!-- since you will be enforcing them, you need to know them.
2. HAVE INTEGRITY. knowing the rules and FOLLOWING them when there is no mod around are two different have to follow the rules you hope to enforce to the highest degree.
3. DECISIVE-- not every rule written is 100% perfectly clear. its would be your responsibility to handle very serious issues as they arise. you have to be able to make a decision, and carry through with it sometimes when there is no other mods around.---protip: if you are unsure of a ban....DONT BAN!---
4. HONEST---honesty is in fact, the best policy
5. HELPFUL--- being on helps but knowing what is going on and how to assist members that are in need is a HUGE + in my book
6. FRIENDLY: if you are on the game, and someone asks you to play a level, and you say STFU NOOB!....your chances of being mod are pretty much shot.
7. KNOWLEDGEABLE--- it really helps to be familiar with the game and forum, so you are well rounded, but also be cannot know everything...if you are asked a question....find it out if you are unsure so you can give the best advice possible.
8. KNOWN---it goes without saying that you should really have a reputation before entering into being a moderator. It certainly helps if you are the "go to guy" when dealing with issues. listen, learn, and pass on anything helpful you come across with.


banning is not a highlight of being a mod...remember...
ANY mod can ban......
a GOOD mod can ban fairly and keep them from doing it again....
a GREAT mod can keep them from doing it without banning!

over all, we are looking for good wholesome well rounded and caring people to just keep chat rooms safe. if you can fulfill the above requirements, than i may already be watching you :O

wat is simming: simming is having for acounts and leting each one win against urself  to level them up


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