To get a crown hat, you must download and run F@H, or Folding at Home.

To get a crown hat u must download f@h u can find f@h by google searching it.... once u download it search it in programs then right click and put ur pr2 user name and jiggmins number under team number (jiggmins # = 143016)   if u mess not my problem .....  u should get a pm from jiggmin in a few days saying thank u for joining f@h blah blah blah  this processs will take at least a only up to a 1000/5000 ive been doing it for weeks      once u get the crown u will be a noob no more

Folding - This is the term used for earning 'Work Units' (Also known as a WU). When you download Folding @ Home (Also known as F@H), you would then do 'The Steps' to Running it on your own Computer. I am only aware of how to Run/Download this program for Windows and Macintosh. Sorry

The Steps?
Downloading F@H is Simple and Easy (and Redundant ) When you check out the Site for the Folding @ Home Download, you can then go to the Download you prefer. Whether it's for Macintosh or for Windows, I have the Steps to Successfully Download/Run it on your Computer.

How can I Download and Run F@H? (For Macs)
To Download it, click here to open the Window to Download it. When you open the Link, You will see
Simply go to the Download for whatever your computer is, then click the First Green Apple stating 'Download'
When you download, you will then go to your Desktop, and notice this Box Icon. It will say Folding-@-Home.86x or something of that Nature. Click it Twice, and a Window will open up. You have to wait a little bit, but when the Download Completes, You will then head to 'System Preferences'. When you launch it, You will notice some Colorful Bubbles at the Bottom of the System Preferences stating 'Folding @ Home'. Click it to Configure the Settings. Set the Username: to your Platform Racing 2 Username (If that's what you are Folding for). Then, enter into the Team Number: Slot the code; 143016 ; When you do this, simply press the 'Start Folding@Home' button on the Bottom of the Window. Then, leave your Computer on, and the WU's will start racking up!

How can I Download and Run F@H? (For Windows)
Simple and Easy. If you click here, then you will see the Same screen as this:
only the Green Apples will be replaced with the Windows Icon. After you click 'Download', you then save it onto your Computer. When you have done so, go to 'All Programs' under the Start Menu. When you enter the 'All Programs' bar, you will notice a new Program (perhaps Highlighted) saying 'Folding@Home.86x' or something of this nature. Click it and a Window will pop up. Under the Window you will notice 'Username: ; Team Number: ; Passkey:'
Under Username: place your Username to Fold for.
Under Team Number: place the Code ; 143016 ; and Run the Program clearly marked 'Run F@H' at the Bottom of the Window. Run it, leave the Computer on and, Voilá! Points for F@H will rack in with good time.

Q.) How do I check my Points?
A.) There are two ways to check your points: 1. Go

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